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Why You Should Shop At A Family Owned & Operated Jewelry Store

As a family owned and operated jewelry store one of the most common questions we get is "how do you handle working with family every single day?"  

Surprisingly, it just works!  We are all very lucky to have a business that allows us to do what we love, which makes each and every day enjoyable.  Working with your family makes an already enjoyable job even better :) 

In fact, a family owned and operated jewelry store is an advantage for the customer too!  With jewelry being such a special purchase it's useful to have staff that is on the same page and able to effectively communicate.  This allows us to work together and help you find exactly what you're looking for, all while making the experience fun for you too!

Another positive of having a family operated jewelry store is taking pressure off the customer.  As a customer you don't have to worry about a particular salesperson being there when you stop in, or someone trying to make a commission off a sale.  We are all here to help, and you'll likely meet the whole family when you stop in.

Finally, we want you to feel like you have your own family here to assist you with your purchase.  Our priority is not to make a sale, but to build a personal relationship with each and every customer.  If you're shopping for a gift you can trust that we'll give you a genuine opinion and help you find something perfect.  When it comes to an engagement ring, you'll feel better knowing that there is absolutely no pressure and that we're here to support you every step of the way while choosing a ring.  In fact, we love taking the time to hear all about your soon to be fiance.  By doing this we get to know you and your relationship better and that in turn helps us craft the perfect ring. 

In conclusion, we think that you should shop with us, a family owned and operated jewelry store, because in addition to helping take care of all your jewelry needs, we truly care about building a relationship with you.  


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