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Why Choose Just One?

Designing custom jewelry is a fun process that involves lots of careful consideration.  We listen to what our customer is looking for and then work to design something special that is beautiful, practical, and in budget.

A great example of this is redesigning old family jewelry to make something new.  The most common example of this is taking pieces that have been passed down in the family and now sit unworn.  Jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed, so we take these pieces and turn them into something new!  As an added bonus, the sentimental value of these pieces is preserved as we as using some or even all of what originally was there. 

The ring pictured below is a perfect example of this.  Our customer had a variety of diamond rings that sat unworn for years.  She wanted something unique and most of the diamonds were mismatched for size so we had to get creative with the design.  The design we chose utilized bezel settings for the diamonds which added durability as this ring is worn often.  By using all of her diamonds we were able to create a ring that sparkles in the sunlight like nothing else, and we preserved the sentimental value of the original rings in the process. 

So if you find yourself going though unworn jewelry trying to decide which piece to remake, why choose just one?

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