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What To Do With Old, Broken, And Unworn Jewelry

Did you know that we buy scrap gold, jewelry, broken jewelry, diamonds, and even used luxury watches.  Over time people tend to accumulate jewelry that isn't being worn.  It could be something inherited, out of style, or just broken.  You would be surprised at how much money you have laying around.  And the best part is that we are always buying!

Here's a fun idea: have us remove a diamond or gemstone from a piece of jewelry that you aren't wearing anymore.  Then trade in your scrap gold to pay for a new setting for that diamond or gemstone.  Now you have a brand new piece of jewelry that you LOVE and you didn't even spend any money on it.  That's a win win!

But what if you don't know whats valuable and what's not?

No problem!  Another service we offer (for free) is helping you sort through your jewelry.  We'll show you what's valuable and what's not, and also give you an honest opinion on which pieces are worth holding on to.  This service can be especially useful if you inherit a large amount of jewelry and need help figuring out what you have. 


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