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Retipping Prongs Is Cheaper Than...

Are you wearing a ring right now?

Does it have diamonds or other gemstones set in it? 

When was the last time you had it inspected or cleaned?

You don't have to tell us how long it's been since it was cleaned, we don't even want to think about that... but regular jewelry inspections are something to think about.  Why?  Jewelry, specifically rings, encounter some pretty serious wear and tear day in and day out. As a result, the #1 repair that we do is prong retipping and rebuilding.  Generally, gemstones are held in rings by prongs.  Over time, and as the result of use and damage, these prongs wear thin and/or bend which can cause the loss of any set gemstones. 

But don't panic yet!  This wear is normal and losing a gemstone is completely preventable.  In fact, an experienced goldsmith can repair your prongs and ensure your gemstones are safe and secure again.  Even better, it doesn't need to be an expensive repair.  For example, we've retipped prongs on rings for around $100 where the replacement cost of the diamond in the ring was almost $4000.  Seems like a pretty good deal, right?

Thus, we recommend stopping into your local jeweler for a jewelry inspection every 3-6 months or if you think you may have damaged your jewelry in some way.  We offer these inspections for free, regardless of if you purchased your jewelry with us.  Not to mention its a great opportunity to scout out your next jewelry purchase :)

Which finally leads us back to the title of this post: Retipping Prongs Is Cheaper Than Replacing Diamonds!


Pictured Below:  A few rings that didn't get inspected often enough and ended up losing 6 diamonds.  

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