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Our Favorite Customers

If there's two things that we love its jewelry and dogs!  We even hold a yearly event around Christmas to collect food, toys, and donations for the Columbus Humane Society.  Having a furry friend stop by always brightens our day and we hope this picture from a few months ago brightens yours!  He was the size of a small horse and was such a sweetheart.

We also have a great story about how two huskies resulted in us making an engagement ring for a couple.  Stay tuned for that story in the future :)

In all seriousness though, ALL our customers are our favorite customers.  It has always been a priority of ours to make everyone feel right at home and able to truly enjoy their shopping experience.  Whether it's for an engagement ring or a self purchase, we believe that the process of shopping for jewelry should be just as special as wearing it!

Finally, be sure to check our online store frequently.  We've been adding new items daily and just added the CUTEST gold initial pendants that are available with out without diamonds.  See them here:

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  • Love your online store! So user friendly—kudos! Love your small horse visitor too… I was worried he was YOURS as in the newest addition to your “pack”!

    Cindi Hos

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